Portfolio of Sanne Boon, showing projects about spatial design, interiorarchitecture, fine art & furniture and objectdesign

Renovation by Studio 8791

Practice in Amsterdam

Studio 8791 made a new design for their client in Amsterdam. The whole premises offered a lot of options. The premises first existed our of one big space.
Studio 8791 transformed it into well designed working-spaces.

Residential by Studio 8791

Penthouse Rotterdam

The appartement (corner penthouse) had a large and difficult hallway, a separated kitchen and more small rooms. This made the house look like it was small.
Studio 8791 made a new plan and created a living and kitchen area. The resident now looks bigger and the new floorplan creates an overall lighter interior.


Café Object

A design for competition Interieur Awards 2014 in collaboration with Laurien Peelen. Café Object is a landscape wherein every object is undefined in function. The design contains 5 different objects, the sitting-level of the objects are in different ways related to each other. The function of each object gets decided by how the visitor wants to use it. By using the object the visitor adds value and function to them. We can say that the visitor is the director of the space. Read more…

Interior architecture & graduation project

Thermal Baths
‘Het Ketelhuis’

‘Het Ketelhuis’ offers despite its location in an industrial area an ‘untroubled moment’ in the area, a perfect setting for a thermal bath. This design exists of loose elements that are separated
from the existing building. The concept arose from different groudplanstudies wherein layering has been created.


Nature on a higher level – Next Level

A project for a competition of ‘In de kiem gescoord – Beton voor de natuur’. Next Level offers the inhabitants in The Hague, the ability to have their own small yard. It creates a quiet moment in the center of The Hague, without having to be away from the city. The contact between the inhabitants and the city gets an extra dimension. Still in progress!


Exhibitions & Events

Graduation Exhibition ‘Blood, sweat & tears’ students (BA) Interiorarchitecture of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL).

Fine art & layering

Berlin Framing

In this presentation technique are different spaces from different contexts placed behind each other. As a result, the two areas will be amplified and the intermediate space in between is displayed. Automatically there occurs some distance between the point of view and the space behind, the view. Hereby the underlaying, or the adjacent space, is being framed.

Interior architecture & redesignation

Public & Private ‘Het Machinegebouw’

All the functions in this design for a gallery / flexworkplaces are placed near and in the border areas between the old / new and public / private spaces. Because of the open structure there always will be an encounter between public and private areas. There is a hard transition, but because of the open structure wil be the transition between public / private faded.

Thesis & layering


This study, initiated in 2011, is about finding the right balance between spaces. Not only in the interior, but also the balance between interior and exterior should be examined. The transitions are also examined. These little abstract studies inspired me for the designs of for example Het Machinegebouw and for my graduationproject Therme het Ketelhuis.

Object design & fine art


An abstract representation of fragments from the groundfloor plan of thermal baths ‘Therme het Ketelhuis’. The connection between the concrete and the water combined with light.

Research & concept

European Embassy

European Embassy is not yet existent phenomenon. To the term European Embassy we have written a concept, which we first had to look to the European identity. Then we translated that architecturally. In varieta concordia, unity in diversity. That would be the starting point of the European Embassy. We are all the same in the fact that we are all different.
Important in a European Federation is honesty and transparency. This we have translated into an architectural spatial interaction.


Flycycle for Salone del Mobile de Milano

An eyecatcher for the stand of the Royal Academy of Art in Milano, 2009. The movement in the wings was made by the energy of cycling.

Object design & fine art

Necklace 2.0

This assignment was to make a necklace with two appearances. Each part consists of a ground plane to which two upper layers are attached. These have the ability to slide so that the necklace is longer. By “stretching out” the necklace can be put on.

Interior architecture & indirect interactions

Attic Huys ten Donck

This design for the attic in ‘Huys ten Donck’ comes from the first pure imagination a person has with the words ‘attic’. Because there had to come private and public functions, a flexible design emerged. The basic design consists of one long wall. On / in in these wall are all the functions located.